Sadie and the Crows

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Sadie and the Crows
1 What does Sadie initially think about the Crows?
1.1 In the beginning of Chapter 1, Sadie thinks the Crows are irritating and annoying
1.1.1 Her first words in the book are, "Stupid bird." (page 1)
1.1.2 By the end of Chapter 1, Sadie thinks the Crows are more creepy and mysterious than annoying She finds their flat, black, beady eyes, their strong, shiny beaks, their sharp talons, their jet black feathers and their long, loud, drawn-out calls very creepy
2 Why does Sadie change her mind about their presence?
2.1 Sadie changes her mind about the Crows' presence because she soon discovers that they are not annoying or creepy, they just want to be heard and they want to make things right again
2.1.1 After a while, she figures out that the Crows are the ones sending her into her "other life", where she turns into Sarah from 1933 So Sadie begins to listen to the Crows. She knows within her that she needs to figure out what they are telling her if she is going to right the old wrongs
3 What are the Crows trying to tell Sadie?
3.1 The Crows message to Sadie is that she needs to right the old wrongs
3.1.1 A long time ago, Jimmy Raven was murdered Sadie's task is to
3.1.2 Also, Clarry and Sarah Hazzard passed away not long after Jimmy Sadie's task is to right these wrongs The Crows use riddles, metaphors, dreams, their typical form of communication ("waah") and several confusing and repeated messages such as, "Tell the story!"
4 Why does Sadie start to believe the Crows and what they are saying?
4.1 Sadie begins to believe the Crows' messages for the same reason that she changes her mind about their presence
4.1.1 She discovers that they are trying to right old wrongs, so if she wants to do the right thing she needs to listen to them and do what they are telling her
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