percussive progress vinyl cover


Mind Map on percussive progress vinyl cover, created by Lucas Elwall on 10/18/2019.
Lucas Elwall
Mind Map by Lucas Elwall, updated more than 1 year ago
Lucas Elwall
Created by Lucas Elwall over 4 years ago

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percussive progress vinyl cover
  1. target audience
    1. slightly older people
      1. could bring back memories
      2. high income people
        1. vinyl records are expensive, £20-£60 or more
        2. anyone could get this album its there taste
          1. 14-60 years of age
          2. front cover
            1. back cover
              1. record company on the back to give them credit "the reccords"
                1. colours
                  1. space colours
                    1. blues
                      1. reds
                        1. purples
                          1. green
                      2. retro
                        1. 63cm wide
                          1. 31.5cm high
                          2. planets
                            1. "fifth planet on the left"
                              1. galaxy
                              2. musical instrumets
                                1. key board
                                  1. drums
                                  2. planet like saturn with a ring going around it
                                    1. instead of the ring, instruments
                                    2. bands name
                                    3. images
                                      1. space
                                        1. saturn
                                          1. ring
                                          2. asteroids
                                          3. key board
                                            1. drums
                                              1. these images could fly around saturn as the ring
                                              2. not boring
                                                1. bright
                                              3. purposes
                                                1. eye catching
                                                  1. easy to see
                                                    1. atrractive
                                                      1. so people can buy
                                                      2. engaging
                                                        1. nostalgia
                                                          1. retro
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