Cellular Metabolism

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Cellular Metabolism
1 Endergonic Reactions
1.1 Requires net input of energy
1.2 Yield products rich in potential energy
1.3 Low energy to high energy
1.3.1 Add phosphate with dehydration reaction
1.4 Photosynthesis
2 Exergonic Reactions
2.1 Releases energy
2.2 Cellular Respiration
2.2.1 Uses oxygen to convert chemical energy stored in fuel molecules to a form of chemical energy that the cell can use to perform work
2.2.2 Substantial amount of energy released as ATP ATP = immediate source of energy Released with hydrolysis reaction
2.3 Burning
3 Sum of all chemical reactions occurring within an organism
4 Energy Coupling
4.1 Use of energy released from exergonic reactions to power endergonic reactions
5 Biochemical Reactions
5.1 Dehydration Reactions
5.2 Hydrolysis Reaction
5.3 Require Water
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