Fit as a Fiddle - physical setting

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Singin' in the Rain - physical setting of musical number 'Fit as a Fiddle'

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Fit as a Fiddle - physical setting
  1. Lighting
    1. no stage lighting
      1. no money
        1. Not their stage or any long term arrangement
      2. Music
        1. Live instruments
        2. Props
          1. Fiddles/violins
            1. Produce a whiny but comedic sound
              1. cheaper/ easier to pay for
                1. Easy for travelling
              2. Set
                1. In a theatre
                  1. 'For rent' sign in background
                    1. not meant for them
                      1. Make them sound like they are something they aren't (in voiceover)
                      2. Dream vs reality
                    2. Camera Angles
                      1. Head to toe
                      2. Costume
                        1. matching green and white striped suits
                          1. Look like clowns
                            1. Fake flowers that come out of violin
                            2. Not professional looking
                              1. It's probably all they could afford
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