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English Mind Map
  1. Time
    1. Present continuous
      1. Rules
        1. We use it when the action is right now
          1. We add -ing
            1. We use verb to be in all of his forms
            2. Examples
              1. We are cooking
                1. I'm not studying
                  1. Are you playing?
                2. Present simple
                  1. Rules
                    1. We use DO/DON'T to I/We/You/They We use DOES/DOESN'T to She/He/It
                      1. We use when the action repeat it or is a habit
                        1. To he/she/it we add to the verb -es or -s
                          1. The sentece normally have a time indicator like: usually, normally ...
                          2. Examples
                            1. I usually read a book
                              1. He doesn't go to the gym every day
                                1. Do you do you excersises?
                              2. Past simple
                                1. Regular verbs
                                  1. Rules
                                    1. We add -ed
                                    2. Examples
                                      1. Did you look the sky?
                                        1. You didn't do the work
                                          1. We studied for the exam
                                        2. Irregular Verbs
                                          1. Examples
                                            1. We ate in the restaurant last night
                                              1. Did they play football?
                                                1. I didn't do the food
                                                2. Rules
                                                  1. The word changes a little bit like to go/went/gone
                                                3. Rules
                                                  1. We use Did for all number of persons
                                                    1. In the interrogative/negative we only use did and no the past form
                                                4. Past forms
                                                  1. There was/were
                                                    1. Rules
                                                      1. It means Habia
                                                        1. There Was/wasn't to singular and uncountable nouns
                                                          1. There Were/Weren't to plural nouns
                                                            1. In interrogative is Was there? or Were There?
                                                            2. Examples
                                                              1. There was money in the mansion
                                                                1. Was there salt in the kitchen
                                                                  1. There weren't children in the school because is holyday
                                                                2. Was/Were
                                                                  1. Rules
                                                                    1. It means era/estaba
                                                                      1. Was to He/She/It/I
                                                                        1. Were to We/You/They
                                                                        2. Examples
                                                                          1. He was a rich men
                                                                            1. You weren't sick
                                                                              1. Was you a good kid?
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