Rubik's Cube

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Rubik's Cube
1 Rubik's Cude: This isn't just any puzzle
1.1 Style: Parody
1.1.1 Codes and Conventions As parody is a type of comedy the codes, conventions and techniques are a lot alike. However, parody differs from the typical comedic codes, conventions and techniques depending on what is parodied. For example if someone was to parody a horror they would take in to account the codes and conventions of a horror, but the codes, conventions and techniques of the comedy will be considered, so the dark 'scary' scenes maybe be lightened so it's like a cross over of he two genres and there conventions.
1.1.2 Techniques
1.1.3 Narrative Style Realist Narrative
1.1.4 Audience This advert would be attempting to reach the adults who grew up with the Rubik's cube, but unlike the 1980's advert, it will be reaching them in the modern era in a modern way. the advert will also appeal to the older audience, the people who read the newspaper on the bus, possibly intrigue them into buying the Rubik's cube also.
1.1.5 Characteristics of the Product
2 Shaping minds of the future
2.1 Style: Drama
2.1.1 Narrative Style Realist Narrative
2.1.2 Codes and Conventions characters, conflict and resolution Spokesperson Presentation Pitch Presentation Voice-Over Exhibits real life situations with realistic characters, settings, and stories Intense social interaction Purpose of a dramatic advert can be to move the audience emotionally
2.1.3 Characteristics of the Product It is something anyone and everyone can try. however it is know for it's complexity with over 43 quadrillion combinations, and those that can solve it can easily impress they're friends.
2.1.4 Audience The 'Minds of the Future' advert will be targeting mothers and family members to encourage there child to learn how to solve a Rubik's cube, whether that be suggesting the purchase one or maybe even rushing out a buying one buying one as they want the best for their children's future.
2.1.5 Techniques Throughout all the genres and narrative of the initial advert ideas the following techniques could be utilized: Aerial shot, Backlighting, Bridging shot, Cut, Cross-cutting, Continuity cuts, Deep focus, Dissolve/lap-dissolve, Dollying, Ellipsis, Eye-line matching, Extreme long shot, Fade in/out, Fill light, Flashback, Flashforward, Focus, Framing, Iris in/out, Jump cut, Key light, Master shot, Match cut, Medium shot, Montage, Pan, Point of view shot, Pull back shot, Rack focusing, Shaky Cam, Close-up/extreme close-up (CU/ECU), Medium close-up (MCU), Medium long shot (MLS), Long shot (LS), Extreme long shot (ELS), Steadicam, Subjective camera, Tilt shot, Tracking shot/travelling shot/dollying shot, Voice-over, Whip pan, Wipe and Zoom. The reason why I have placed these into the techniques of the dramatic style is because this is the genre likely to use the most amount,
3 1980's awkward advert
3.1 Style: Comedy
3.1.1 Narrative Style Realist Narrative
3.1.2 Codes and Conventions Generic places: Bright places, Towns, cities, Well populated areas. Teen comedy: High schools, Small towns. Social comedy: Homes, Bars. Characters Idiots that are stupid and accident prone Smart people who are socially awkward Regular people where accidents occur around them And then there is always the sassy/sarcastic character
3.1.3 Characteristics of the products
3.1.4 Audience This advert would be aimed at the adults who have grown up with the Rubik's cube, the people who as children had this on their Christmas list. This advert will not only relate with them because of the product but also the advert will be familiar territory, aiming to dig up the found memories of childhood. Also this advert will try and appeal to children through the adults, maybe they would tell them a story of the good times in the playground with the product, or maybe encouraging them to get one because they never had it as a kid.
3.1.5 Techniques Camera is very natural and goes along with the characters Medium shots to catch all of the characters expressions Lighting is often bright, shot during day time
4 Rubik's Cube all over the world
4.1 Style: Surreal
4.1.1 Narrative Style Anti-Realist Narrative
4.1.2 Audience This advert will be reaching as many people as possible, you could say the audience is everyone. Through the vast locations, As the audience of the product is universal, this advert will be trying to do the same.
4.1.3 Techniques The techniques of a surreal advert often involve the technicalities of animation,as the purpose of a surreal advert is to be as whacky and bizarre as possible so employing the process of animation makes that feasible
4.1.4 Characteristcs of the Product It is something anyone and everyone can try. however it is know for it's complexity with over 43 quadrillion combinations, and those that can solve it can easily impress they're friends.
4.1.5 Codes and Conventions Eye catching Engaging typical aimed at younger audience Unique
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