KING LEAR - Act 1 Scene 4

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KING LEAR - Act 1 Scene 4
1 Lear returns from hunting to find Caius (Kent in disguise) who is a serving man, seeking employment and agrees to take him on if he liked him 'no worse after dinner' (line 41)
1.1 Kent lives to take care of Lear, and is determined to do it even if he treated him badly
1.2 Dramatic Irony because Lear does not recognise Kent
2 Oswald follows Goneril's instructions with admirable precision. Lear sends Oswald to go go find his daughter, but he ignores him.
3 Lear abruptly calls Oswald back, but Oswald still ignores him. Lear sends one of his knights to bring him back.
4 A knight then enters and reports that Goneril says she is unwell
5 Lear is miffed that Goneril and Oswald have blown him off and there is a discussion about the 'great abatement of kindness' (line 59) shown to the king. Both Lear and his followers have noticed that Goneril's servants have started to treat them unkindly
6 The knight believes Lear isn't being given his due as the king, not by any of the castle servants, and definitely not by Goneril or her husband, the Duke of Albany. Lear reveals he was thinking along these lines already, but had dismissed it as his own imaginings
6.1 The knight is more alert than the King = tables have turned
7 Lear calls for his Fool again. We learn that the Fool has been pining away since Cordelia went to France. Lear snaps, 'No more of that' (line 74) because he cannot bear to hear his youngest daughter's name mentioned.
8 When Oswald returns (of his own accord) Lear rages at him, 'Who am I, sir?' Oswald replies insolently (rude, disrespectful), 'My lady's father' (lines 77-78)
8.1 Lear shouldn't need to ask, everyone should already know and could reflect his maddness because he no longer knows who he is
9 The king curses and strikes him and Kent trips the 'clotpoll' (line 46) up, earning the king's praise.
10 The Fool makes his first appearance. He offers Kent his coxcomb 'for taking one's part that's out of favour' (line 99)
10.1 The Fool is not the foolish one
11 The Fool talks persistently and tediously about Lear's foolishness in riddles and songs and Lear threatens to have him whipped
11.1 A lot of his lines refer directly to poverty, the implication being that without his poverty Lear is helpless.
11.2 The Fool also suggests that Lear has reversed the natural order.
12 Goneril comes in frowning and accuses Lear of encouraging quarrelsome behaviour in his knights because it is getting out of control and suggests a remedy must be sought. She claims his 100 knights are always loud and riotous and that with the way he's been behaving lately, she worries he's actually encouraging this bad behaviour.
13 He becomes annoyed at her outburst. He tries to dismiss these insults but she remains firm; if Lear does not cut down his train (knights), she will. He responses with audacious (bold) threats, calling his train together and leave. He curses Goneril and says he still has one 'kind and comfortable' (line 303) daughter left to go to (Regan)
13.1 Lear also admits that, when compared to Goneril's bad behaviour, Cordelia's small fault is put in perspective (She is on his mind - impact from the Fool)
14 Albany enters in the middle of the fight, curious about what's going on. Lear appeals to him rather helplessly and carries on cursing at Goneril. Albany is puzzled by Lear's passion and distress.
15 Lear kneels and calls on 'Nature' to help him. He hopes Goneril will either be sterile or give birth to a thankless child who will torment her. He then rushes out.
16 Albany seems shocked, but Goneril is unperturbed (not concerned)
17 Lear returns briefly, bewildered to find 50 of his knights have been dismissed. (although there are references to Lear's 100 knights in Act 2 scene 4) He threatens to take but the power he has given away and refuses to weep and insists that Regan will help him
18 After her father has gone, Goneril continues to complain him and his followers. Goneril doesn't think that having 100 knights in the command of her father is a recipe for political stability. Albany is uneasy but doesn't assert himself and says they should wait and see what happens.
19 Goneril sends Oswald to Regan with a letter informing her of the fight and asking for her support and doesn't take care of Lear when herself has turned him out, because this would make Goneril look bad.
20 Goneril then gives a tongue lashing to her husband because she wary of his gentleness towards Lear.
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