Social Responsibility: Prejudice and Discrimination

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Part of AQA GCSE RE-Ethics: Social Responsibility-Prejudice and Discrimination (will be added to over coming weeks)

I Turner
Created by I Turner almost 5 years ago
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Social Responsibility: Prejudice and Discrimination
1 Prejudice
1.1 Unfairly judging before facts are known
1.2 Pre-judging
2 Discrimination
2.1 Acting against someone verbally or physically
2.2 Prejudice in action
3 Causes of Racism
3.1 Upbringing
3.2 Media
3.3 Ignorance
3.4 Peer Pressure
3.5 Scapegoating
3.6 Fear
4 Gender Discrimination
4.1 Men given higher authority positions
4.2 Women paid less
4.3 Men go to work, Women look after the children
4.4 Doctor=Man Nurse=Woman
5 FOR/AGAINST Women Priests
5.1 FOR
5.1.1 Sexist
5.1.2 Solve Priest shortages
5.1.3 More approachable than a man
5.1.4 Women inferior in Jesus' time: today the disciples would have been women
5.2.1 Jesus was a man
5.2.2 Jesus chose male disciples
5.2.3 Ordination caused issues in CofE
6 Disability Discrimination
6.1 Lose opportunities for WORK or EDUCATION
6.2 Abortion expected
6.3 Mental illness faces discrimination
7 Christian Attitudes to Disability
7.1 HCPT Pilgrimage Trust
7.1.1 Support families with disabled member
7.2 Churches should remove all barriers
7.2.1 Ramps
7.2.2 Braille Bibles
7.2.3 Sign hymns
8.1 Husband & Wife love and respect eachother
8.2 "Go fourth and multiply"
8.3 Parents give a stable christian upbringing
9.1 "Show respect for old people and honor them"
9.2 "Respect your father and your mother"
10 CHRUCH VIEWS: Family & Elderly
10.1 Catholic
10.1.1 Love & Generosity
10.1.2 Endurance & Sacrifice
10.1.3 Bringing up children as christian
10.2 C of E
10.2.1 Caring for children, those with disabilities, elderly
10.2.2 Friendship, Joy & Fun
10.2.3 Security
11 Bible Teaching on P&D
11.1 Galatians
11.1.1 No difference...
11.1.2 'All in 1 uninon'
11.2 Good Samaritan
11.2.1 Showed Agape love
11.2.2 We are all called to 'love thy neighbour'
11.3 A Woman's Faith
11.3.1 Jesus said Jews should come before gentiles It was just banter
11.4 Jesus Heals Roman Officer's Servant
11.4.1 Sick servant felt unworthy of Jesus' help But Jesus' word is for everyone
12 MARTIN LUTHER KING A christian who fought against P&D
12.1 Joined Rosa Parks' 'Bus Boycott'
12.2 "I have a dream"
12.3 Responded to violence with non-violence
12.4 Modelled his life on Jesus'
12.5 Assassinated
12.5.1 Black community got a resurrection after death: Gained new rights

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