Corruption: Causes and consequences

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Created by ri3nto about 6 years ago
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Corruption: Causes and consequences
1 Consequences
1.1 Economy
1.1.1 High cost investment Low investment rate Unattractive investment climate
1.1.2 Low state revenue
1.1.3 Inequality
1.1.4 Slower economic growth
1.2 Social
1.2.1 Inneffective government spending Poor education Poverty Fail to achieve development program
1.3 Politics
1.3.1 Inequal political opportunities
1.3.2 National disintegration
2 Causes
2.1 Economic factor
2.1.1 Private company competition
2.2 Bureaucratic factor
2.2.1 Government size and decentralisation
2.2.2 Ineffective recruitment and low salaries
2.3 Cultural factor
2.4 Political factor
2.4.1 State/political system
2.5 Low press freedom

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