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Created by sarah.butler.96 about 6 years ago
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ART History
1 Art terminology
1.1 Impasto
1.2 Graffito (stratched)
1.3 Dry Brush
1.4 Layered
1.5 Symbol
1.5.1 Lute with broken strings
1.5.2 Candle
1.5.3 Clock
1.5.4 Sphere Chance/ Uncertainty
1.5.5 Mirror Truth Vanity
1.5.6 Death Black White Human Head Skull Skeleton Vultures Crow Angels Cypress Tree
1.6 Meaning
1.7 Composition
1.8 Conceptual
1.9 Conventions
1.10 Modernism
1.11 Post Modernism
1.12 Contempoary
1.13 Aesthetic
1.14 Appropriation
1.15 Assembelage
1.16 Consumer Society
1.17 Culture
1.18 Expressionistic
1.19 Figurative
1.20 Found Object
1.21 Genre
1.22 Iconography
1.23 Hue
1.24 Glaze
1.25 Identity
1.26 Installation
2.1 Line
2.1.1 Geometric
2.1.2 Organic
2.1.3 Emotional Jagged Broken
2.1.4 Outline
2.2 Colour
2.2.1 Complementary Energy
2.2.2 Primary
2.2.3 Secondary
2.2.4 Hue
2.2.5 Variety
2.2.6 Intensity
2.2.7 Warm/ Cool
2.3 Texture
2.3.1 Simulated
2.3.2 Real
2.3.3 Rough
2.4 Tone
2.4.1 Tint
2.4.2 Shade
2.4.3 Dark to back
2.4.4 Light to front
2.5 Shape
2.5.1 Negative
2.5.2 Positive
2.5.3 Illusion of form
2.5.4 Colour
2.5.5 Texture
2.6 Size
2.6.1 Magnified
2.6.2 Minimised
2.6.3 Focal Point
2.6.4 Proportion
2.6.5 Gives Importance
2.6.6 DIstance
3.1 Repetition
3.1.1 Radial
3.1.2 Gradational
3.1.3 Rhythmn
3.1.4 Pattern
3.2 Unity
3.2.1 Feels like one piece
3.2.2 Colour
3.2.3 Same/ Similar elements
3.3 Emphasis
3.3.1 Focal Point
3.3.2 SIze
3.3.3 Colour
3.3.4 Distortion
3.3.5 Line
3.3.6 Exageration
3.4 Contrast
3.4.1 Tone
3.4.2 Variety
3.4.3 gives interest
3.4.4 Can create confusion
4.1 Gordon Bennett
4.1.1 Themes Representation of Aboriginals typecasting Belonging aus colonial history Greif
4.1.2 Requiem, Of Grandeur, Empire Three piece oil on canvas Geometric Lines Draws attention to aboriginal ppl Contains aboriginal ppl Western Dominance Linear Perspective Christian Cross Distorted Space Aboriginal dots Western perspective Earthy hues Ochres Central Australia Traditional dot Contrasting blue Creates interest Energy to composition Feeling of setting Photo Overlay True History Relatable People Discrimination Prejudical nature of humans Post- Colonial Australia Voices of Indigenous Aborigional Symmetrical Balance Calm atmosphere Static Turbulent sky Aboriginal symbols on top of each panel Symbols Trugannini Aboriginal symbols presence of aboriginals in empty land Campsite, well, meeting place Roman Arches Heroism positive representation Antiquity Colours
4.1.3 Techniques Appropriation Mass Media Painting Performance Video Printmaking
4.2 Danie Mellor
4.2.1 Techniques Spode Pottery Mezzotint Prints 1700s- time of AUS colonnisation Mixed Media Ceramics Installation Drawing Post Modernist Appropriation Questions Traditions Viewpoint of minority groups
4.2.2 Themes Loss of Identity Post Colonial Australia Co-exsistance between Indigenous/ caucasion
4.2.3 From Rite to Ritual Mixed media work Ornate western style hall Blue and White colour scheme Mezzotint print Western dominace Juxtaposition of native aus animals Marginalises native aus Leading lines to focal point Western depiction of space Cool blues Tiles on the floor Aerial perscpective Linear perspective Effects of colonisation Teardrop motif Unity calms cluttered comp symmetrical balance static image even stonemasonry
4.2.4 Reoccuring Symbols Kangaroo National Identity Mezzotints Colonisation of Australia

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