Keeping your information safe


Keeping your information safe hmwork .
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Keeping your information safe
  1. keeping your information safe is crucial since if you don't then other people can easily access your profiles , contacts and many more of your private things .
    1. There are some people who will try and access your things so you must create strong passwords and use different anti virus software
      1. There are websites that help create strong and secure passwords and some that check that your passwords are good and not easy to crack .
        1. some of these websites include 'how secure is my password' and 'password management'.
    2. to keep your info safe you must :
      1. Change passwords regularly
        1. Create strong , difficult to crack passwords
          1. Dont tell any one (even if you think they are trust worthy )your password .
            1. Dont give out your personal details to just anyone .
          2. For your security , these are a few tips on how to identify a scam .
            1. spelling
              1. personalisation
                1. How it is sent .
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