GCSE Revision Timetable

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GCSE Revision Timetable
1 Monday
1.1 Maths
1.1.1 My maths
1.1.2 Past exam questions
1.1.3 Maths Watch
1.2 History
1.2.1 BBC bitesize
1.2.2 Revision text guides
2 Tuesday
2.1 English
2.1.1 Read through revision text guides for Romeo and Juliet & Of Mice and Men (Make notes)
2.1.2 Exam style questions for R&J + M of M
2.1.3 Read through one of the books every tuesday
3 Wednesday
3.1 Science
3.1.1 BBC bitesize
3.1.2 Look at AQA specifications and past exam papers
3.1.3 Sam learning
4 Thursday
4.1 French
4.1.1 Memrise
4.1.2 Past exam papers for reading & listening
4.2 English
4.2.1 Revise IGCSE techniques and go through past exam questions
5 Friday
5.1 Business
5.1.1 BBC bitesize
5.1.2 Go through past exam questions
5.2 HSC
5.2.1 Read through notes in book - legalisations, care value base and health&safety
6 Saturday&Sunday
6.1 Rest day!
7 Subjects: Maths, English, Science, French, Business + HSC
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