Technologic Contracts

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Technologic Contracts

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Technologic Contracts
  1. Today intangible assets create strong competitive advantages
    1. That is why it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of technology contracts
    2. They become a technological relationship
      1. In which rights and obligations are created, transmitted, modified or extinguished
      2. The contract must include the technological object
        1. According to the technologic object, the technologic contracts are clasified
          1. Software Contracts
            1. Commercial software: Purchased in stores, cannot be modified
              1. Specialized software: Computer programs and platforms created to meet specific needs and processes
              2. Hardware Contracts
                1. There is a tangible object for trade
            2. Licensing
              1. It is a common mechanism to transfer technology.
                1. To define the scope of a license in a technological negotiation, it is necessary to define the following
                  1. Property item to be licensed
                    1. Entity to whom the license is granted.
                      1. Geographic extension of the license
                        1. Commercial scope of the license
                          1. The duration
                        2. Licensing Agreement
                          1. The terms of the license vary depending on the following:
                            1. Exclusivity
                              1. Transferability
                                1. Revocability
                                  1. Territory
                                    1. Payment, etc.
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