4. Uncertainty Avoidance

Sandra Reed
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4. Uncertainty Avoidance
1 Typically for cultures that AVOID uncertainty
1.1 Uncertainty is perceived as a constant threat, that must be fought
1.2 Public and private life is influenced by rules and laws
1.3 Aggression and emotions in appropriate opportunities are discharged
1.4 Fear of ambiguous situations and risks
1.5 What is unknown is considered dangerous
1.6 The following applies: Time is money
1.7 Precision and punctuality are natural features
1.8 Germany, Greece, France, Spain and Israel are countries that avoid uncertainty
2 Typically for cultures that ACCEPT uncertainty
2.1 Uncertainty is a normal phenomenon in life
2.2 Aggression and emotions must not be show
2.3 Ambiguous situations with unknown risks are accepted
2.4 What is different, is considered to be strangely
2.5 There should be not more rules than absolutely necessary
2.6 Time is a guiding framework
2.7 Precision and punctuality must be learned
2.8 Tolerance of deviant behaviors
2.9 China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and the US are countries that accept uncertainty
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