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Info. de esperanto en ingles

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    1. L.L. Zamenhoof
      1. he publish the first book in esperanto: UNUA LIBRO
      2. In 1887
      3. GOAL
        1. Make a easy and flexible language
          1. That would serve as a second universal language
          2. UNUA LIBRO
            1. Describe how is Esperanto language
              1. It has 3 goals
                1. To render the study of the languageso easy
                  1. To enable the learner to make direct use of his knowledge with other nationalities
                    1. To find some means of overcoming the natural indifference of mankind
                  2. WHERE IS SPEAKED?
                    1. Speaker are located is many parts of the globe
                      1. United Kingdom
                        1. Brazil
                          1. Belgium
                            1. United States
                              1. Italy
                                1. Germany
                                  1. France
                                2. RELATION WITH OTHER LANGUAGES
                                  1. Latin
                                    1. Romance
                                      1. Russian
                                        1. German
                                          1. English
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