Technology Management & School Systems Organization

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Unit 7 Design a Product of Learning Assignment

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Technology Management & School Systems Organization
  1. Discussion Board
    1. Technologies Frequently Used by Elementary Principals


      • Garcia, A., Abrego, J., & Jauregui, J. (2019). Technologies frequently used by elementary principals. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 7(1), 95-105. Retrieved from
      1. "Principals have transitions form managers to instructional leaders that support innovative technology practice" (Garcia, Abrego, Jauregui, 2019).
        1. 75% of principals in this study taught themselves how to use the technologies.
          1. Cell phone was the primary technology tool followed by tablet, laptop then smart watch.
            1. Top 3 reason for the use of a technological tool: 1 data analysis, 2 internet browsing and 3 internet browsing and productivity tools
              1. Principals attitudes towards technology and their level of usage directly correlates to their buildings.
              2. 55% of principals used Facebook as their top social media resource
                1. After Facebook came Instagram, Snapchat and then Twitter.
                  1. Curious about how Snapchat is used?
                    1. Surprised twitter is so low...
                    2. connection!
                  2. Replay, Reflect, Refine
                    1. "Teacher make 800 to 1,5000 educational decisions every day" (Baket, et. al., p. 40, 2017).
                      1. "Video helps teachers reflect on the impact of their decisions by freeing them of the burden of teaching and reflecting simultaneously" (Baket, et. al., p. 41, 2017).
                        1. Coaching with videos
                          1. Allows teachers to see their practice through their own eyes
                            1. Pre-observation conference: identify goals and what to look for during lesson.
                              1. During observation: coach collects data via video
                                1. After observation: replay and reflect on video and collect data
                                  1. Reflecting conversation has the potential to focus on many things rather than a single thing.
                                    1. "Why did you make the decision you did, and what outcome were you hoping for?"
                              2. increased collaboration between teacher and coach
                                1. Accelerates the habit of master teachers
                                  1. goal of reflection rather than action
                            2. PLC
                              1. Facilitating Administrator' Instructional Leadership Through the Use of a Technology Integration Discussion Protocol


                                • Mcleod, S. (2015). Facilitating Administrators’ Instructional Leadership Through the Use of a Technology Integration Discussion Protocol. Journal of Research on Leadership Education, 10(3), 227–233. doi: 10.1177/1942775115623393
                                1. Administrators and teachers are more intentional in the ways they use tchnology to support the technology with rationale.
                                  1. higher order: Bloom's taxonomy
                                    1. Purposeful integration
                                      1. Do students have the opportunity to design, create, make or other-wise add value that is unique to them?
                                      2. technology should enhance teacher practice
                                        1. Accomplished through tech savy administrators/leaders
                                          1. Technology-Rich Unit Design and Classroom Observation Template (trudacot)
                                            1. Purposeful integration
                                            2. SAMR
                                        2. Principal's Role As Technology Leader


                                          • The principal's role as TECHNOLOGY LEADER. (2011, November 27). Retrieved from
                                          1. "To be a leader of technology requires a willingness to learn..." (Grady, 2011).
                                            1. "Providing professional development opportunties for teachers and staff that emphasize the use of technology and that facilitate integration of technology in student learning and securing resources to support technology use and integration in the school" (Grady, 2011).
                                            2. Principals set the example for technology use as well as the technology goal.
                                              1. Teacher to teacher model can help make apprehensive or unfamiliar teachers more familiar with new technology tools
                                                1. Principals set the tone
                                                  1. Should technology integration be part of the evaluation?
                                                    1. How do principals establish the classroom technology usage expectations?
                                              2. Social Media Principal


                                                • (2012, November 14). Retrieved November 21, 2019, from
                                                1. Interview with Joe Mazza, principal of Knapp Elementary near Philadelphia
                                                  1. 1/2 of Canadians use social media, that's equal to 17 million people
                                                    1. Many schools still send home informational papers via folders
                                                      1. 93% of families in Mazza's school had internet at home
                                                        1. Technology is a great way to engage more parents
                                                          1. Free resource!
                                                            1. Strategies for parents to choose communication method: e-mail, zip slip, twitter, facebook, blogs, broadcast home and school meetings every month
                                                              1. 70% of parents have Facebook
                                                                1. connection!
                                                                2. How can we broadcast our PTO meetings? Facebook live? Zoom?
                                                                  1. Broadcasting meetings increased attendance from 5-10 people to 70% of the parent population!
                                                                  2. Quick and easy to share out the pulse of the school.
                                                                    1. Transparent and collaborative
                                                                      1. "Web tools complement relationships and trust and partnerships, they don't establish them" (Mazza, 2012).
                                                            2. Incorporating and Accounting for Social Media in Education


                                                              • (2016, March 28). Retrieved November 21, 2019, from
                                                              1. Resistance to using social media platforms in educaiton is similarly transient and will eventually go by the wayside.
                                                                1. Use the opportunities created in certain parts of the online worlds to try to complement traditional communication techniques.
                                                                2. Different mediums of communication communicate differently
                                                                  1. Texting doesn't contain intonation or body language and can cause misunderstanding
                                                                    1. Complementary
                                                                    2. Face to face gives less time to think about responses, causing emotional exchanges
                                                                        1. Complementary
                                                                          1. Media provides various means
                                                                            1. Promotes cross-cultural communication
                                                                              1. Unit 1


                                                                                • Resources from Unit 1
                                                                              2. However, each website has its own rules
                                                                                1. Facebook and Twitter are forms of Social Media
                                                                                  1. Is the problem really about instructors being unwilling to use social media tools, or rather the platform?
                                                                                    1. Is Facebook a less professional platform for engaging with parents than creating a Canvas space where parents can participate?
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