Delight Triggers

Lindsey Schwartz
Mind Map by Lindsey Schwartz, updated more than 1 year ago
Lindsey Schwartz
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ID 3051 Mind Map on Delight Triggers, created by Lindsey Schwartz on 09/11/2013.

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Delight Triggers
1 Colors
1.1 Bright
1.2 Yellow (Scientific)
2 Sounds
2.1 Laughter
2.2 Funny Noises
2.3 Compliments
3 Actions
3.1 Embarssment
3.2 Other people smiling
3.3 Mimicry
4 Words
4.1 Strange Words
4.2 Abstract
4.3 Onemonepia
4.4 Puns
4.5 Sexual Innuendos
4.6 Inside Jokes
5 Music
5.1 Dancing
5.1.1 DDR
5.2 Favorite Artists
5.3 Lyrics
5.3.1 "If You're Happy And Ya Know It"
6 Taste
6.1 Sweet
6.2 Savory
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