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Year 8 Computing Mind Map on Python, created by Jeon Jungkookie ~ on 12/02/2019.

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  1. World's Fastest Programming language.


    • * World's Fastest Programming language. *used by software engineers, mathematicians, and data analysist. * can be used for artificial intelligience.
    1. used by software engineers, mathematicians, and data analysist.
      1. can be used for artificial intelligience.
    2. Frying an egg
      1. 1.Get a frying pan
        1. 2. Put pan on hob
          1. 3.Turn on the hob
            1. 4.Put oil in the pan
              1. 5.Hold egg over pan
                1. 6.Break an egg
                2. What is the lesson we learn from frying an egg
                  1. Algoithm is the different precise steps to solve a problem in computing science
                    1. If coding is all in the right order when solving a problem in computing science- it is called Algorithm
                      1. Algorithm are the simplest steps available
                        1. Algorithm is given to computers to solve the problems
                          1. Dictionary Definition:a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.
                            1. Breaking a problem into smaller parts is called DECOMPOSITION
                              1. BY doing this it leads to an algorithm
                  2. Python's developing environment
                    1. is called IDLE- Integrated Development Environment
                      1. Has to modes- interactive and script mode
                        1. Interactive mode lets you see your results as you type them
                    2. Sequencing
                      1. When you do something after the other
                        1. e.g.m=5 n=6 t=m+n print(t)
                        2. Debugging
                          1. Taking the error out of the code
                          2. Facts you need to know
                            1. Python influenced javascript
                              1. People prefer python over french
                                1. Big companies use python
                                  1. Errors are called Bugs
                                    1. Syntax error
                                      1. An error in the source code
                                        1. Solves the error in the source code
                                      2. Whenever saving a document,save with as the ending.
                                      3. Variable
                                        1. A variable is a location in the memory which you can temporarily store text or numbers
                                          1. It's not permanent because you can change it
                                            1. e.g. x=1 y=2 x+y=z so z=3--- this is permanent
                                              1. Variables can only contain numbers, letters and underscores
                                                1. A variable name cannot start with a number
                                                  1. You can't use python as a "reserved word" as a variable name will result as a syntax error.
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