How to revise

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A range of methods to revise for exams

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How to revise
1 Specifications
2 Examiner Reports
3 Posters
3.1 Flashcards
3.1.1 Key points
3.1.2 Sophisticated vocabulary
3.2 Mindmaps
3.3 Around the house
4 Revision Books
4.1 Notes
4.2 Highlight
5 Practice Questions
6 Past Papers
6.1 Model answers
6.2 Mark schemes
6.3 Timed
7 Repeat
7.1 A day, week, two weeks later
7.1.1 Test yourself
7.2 Memrise
7.3 Quizlet
8 Practise practise practise
8.1 Maths
8.1.1 STEP, AEA, British Olympiad
9 Start when it's too early (in your opinion)
9.1 Plan what to revise
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