The locomotor system

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The locomotor system
1 It help us to move our body
2 It includes
2.1 Bones
2.1.1 They are Hard Rigid
2.1.2 They make up Skeleton Functions Support our body Protect our vital organs Parts Head Skull Vertebrae Torso Scapula Spine (vertebrae) Ribs Pelvis Limbs Arms Humerus Radius Ulna Legs Femur Tibia Fibula
2.2 Joints
2.2.1 They connect bones
2.2.2 Arm Shoulder Scapula- humerus Elbow humerus- ulna and radius Wrist ulna and radius- hand
2.2.3 Leg Hip pelvis- femur Knee femur- tibia and fibula Ankle tibia and fibula- foot
2.3 Muscles
2.3.1 They are Soft Bendy
2.3.2 Types Voluntary Move when we want Involuntary Move automatically
2.3.3 They move the bones by Contracting They get shorter Relaxing They get longer
2.3.4 Parts Face Masseter Front torso Pectorals Abdominals Back torso Trapezius Deltoids Arms Biceps Triceps Legs Biceps Quadriceps Calf muscles
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