Computers and Input, Output


A short mind mapo that informs you about computers
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Computers and Input, Output
  1. Definitions
    1. Computer
      1. An electronic device for storing and processing data
        1. Computers use binary form and does not have a brain
          1. Computers do exactly what somebody else wants them to do
          2. Peripheral
            1. Devices associated with the computer but arent inside a computer
              1. Keyboard
                1. Projector
                  1. Mouse
                  2. Input
                    1. Information that is put in to the computer to be processed.
                      1. Computer mouse
                        1. Keyboard
                      2. Output
                        1. What the computer provides you as a result
                        2. Storage device
                          1. Hardware that is used to store information
                            1. Hardware
                              1. Physically tangible components of a computer
                                1. Monitor
                                  1. Keyboard
                                2. Information
                                  1. Data that has been processed
                                  2. Software
                                    1. Program that runs on a computer
                                      1. word documents
                                        1. Powerpoint
                                    2. Input and output devices for disabled users
                                      1. Disabled Devices Home
                                        1. This is a smart home system that can assist disabled users to accomplish small tasks around the house such as turning the light on.
                                        2. Puff Suck Switch
                                          1. The person with the disability is required to puff and suck down the tube to activate a switch, which is connected to a computer.Specific software on the computer takes this input and then acts on it in multiple ways.
                                          2. Foot mouse
                                            1. A type of computer mouse that allows users to use it with their feet. It helps people with neck and back problems.
                                            2. Braille keyboard/ typer
                                              1. This is a specialist input device that enables the user to type text in braille. Braille is like a language for the blind, where you can use sensory shapesdto represent words.
                                              2. Predictive text
                                                1. Predictive text allows you to type faster and also reduce the amount of keystrokes that you make, thus helping disabled people .
                                                2. Head Mouse
                                                  1. A system that allows people to control the cursor with head movements and blinks.
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