Factors affecting enzymes

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Factors affecting enzymes
1 Temperature
1.1 Rate of reactions increases with temp up to the optimum temp
1.1.1 rate of reaction peaks at the optimum temp
1.2 before the optimum temp, a rise in temp increases the kinetic energy of the reactants
1.2.1 they move faster and are more likely to collide and interact with each other
1.3 Above the optimum temp bonds that maintain the 3D shape start breaking, changing the shape of the active site
1.3.1 enzymes start to denature
2 pH
2.1 most enzymes work effectively within a narrow pH range with one optimum pH
2.1.1 most enzymes have an optimum pH of 7-8 some enzymes work in extreme pH environments, e.g. Pepsin pH of 1-2
2.1.2 in highly acidic or alkaline conditions, the H+ or OH- ions interact with amino acids, this breaks bonds and alters the shape of the activie site = denaturation
3 Substrate concentration
3.1 rate of reaction is directly proportional to substrate concentration until it reaches a maximum value
3.1.1 after a point all the active sites will be in use (active site saturation)
4 Enzyme concentration
4.1 rate of reaction is directly proportional to enzyme concentration as long as theres no other limiting factors
4.1.1 rate of reaction will be increased as there's more active sites available if the substrate is limited the rate of reaction will only increase up to a maximum point as there will be more active sites than substrate molecules
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