Computer components


A short mind map to describe the components of a computer and what they are used for
Mishka Kalra
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Mishka Kalra
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Computer components
  1. Definitions
    1. CPU
      1. Stands for Central Processing Unit
        1. Processes information
        2. Motherboard
          1. This connects all the components.
          2. Hardrive
            1. Reads and writes data onto mental platters
            2. Fan
              1. This is used to cool components that are overheated
              2. RAM
                1. Stores data while powered
                2. Power supply
                  1. Supplies power to the components to enable them to work efficiently.
                3. Fetch, decode, execute cycle
                  1. Fetch- Instructions transferred from the RAM to the CPU.
                    1. First step
                    2. Decode- The instruction is then understood or decoded by the CPU.
                      1. Second step
                      2. Execute- The decoded information is carried out or executed.
                        1. Third step
                        2. This cycle is performed continuously from the moment you turn on your computer to the time you turn it off.
                        3. Definitions
                          1. Hard drive
                            1. Reads and writes data onto metal platters
                            2. Floppy drive
                              1. Reads and writes information from floppy disks
                                1. Also known as FFD.
                                2. Optical drive
                                  1. Reads and writes data stored on compact disks.
                                3. Processing speed
                                  1. 1 Hertz
                                    1. One cycle per second
                                      1. Hz
                                      2. 1 Kilohertz
                                        1. one thousand cycles per second
                                          1. KHz
                                          2. 1 Megahertz
                                            1. one million cycles per second
                                              1. MGz
                                              2. 1 Gigahertz
                                                1. One billion cycles per second
                                                  1. GHz
                                                  2. This is the measure of how many cycles the computer does per second
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