Asking Who-questions

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Asking questions with What, Who,Where, When.

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Asking Who-questions
1 Who (Author of the action).
1.1 When we ask a who-question .and who refers to a subject, we don't use do, does or did.
1.1.1 -Who played basketball? Isabel played basketball. -Who ate pizza? I ate pizza. -Who baked this delicious cake? Lucia did.
2 Who (Receiver of the action)
2.1 When we ask a who-question abd who refers to an object, we use do, does or did.
2.1.1 -Who did you call? I called my mother. -Who did you eat lunch yesterday? I ate with Maria yesterday. -Who does Camila talk to the most? She talks to me the most.
3 By: Lucía Elizabeth Mena y María Isabel Flores 8th "A"
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