A451 - 1.1: Types of Software

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A451 - 1.1: Types of Software
1 2 Types
1.1 System Software: Operating System, Utility Program and Drivers
1.2 Application Software: Everyday programs that we use.
2 Operating System
2.1 Computers and Devices need one to operate
2.2 It allows application software to communicate with the hardware
2.3 It sorts out where to store data
2.4 It sorts out security
2.5 Organizes files and folders
3 User Interface
3.1 Enables the user to interact with the device
3.2 Often a part of the OS
4 Utility Programs
4.1 Designed to do specific tasks very well
4.2 One of them does one or two of these:
4.3 File Compression, Sorting, Renaming, Conversion and Repair. Printing, Anti-virus, defragging etc.
5 Drivers
5.1 A program which translates commands from the OS to commands that the hardware can understand
5.2 Drivers are needed for the hardware to function properly
6 Applications Software
6.1 Does not control how the system works
6.2 They work through the OS
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