Ch 4 The Ice - Antarctica

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Ch 4 The Ice - Antarctica
1 Antarctica has not been politically territorialised. It is an exception to all other countries in the world (p. 162)
1.1 Some parts have been claimed by some nations, like Australia, Uk, Argentina, Norway, New Zealand, Peru.
1.2 Effective Occupation in places like Antartica, considered "terra nullis". It does not require a permanent population like in settlements or fencing. All it needs is some sort of official presence, like base camps and scientific stations p. 177
2 Contestation over sovereign claim over Antarctica has led to fact that continent became global common (p 163)
2.1 Global common: areas of the planet that are not under any sovereign owenership like the Atmosphere or the seabed or Antarctica (p . 163)
2.1.1 Collective ownership.
2.2 Sovereign States: where one nation state has total legal jurisdiction over the territory and regulate the flows coming and going (p. 166)
2.2.1 Sovreignty requires states to cooperate and work together. UN is a creation of cooperation amongs nation states (p. 167) The UN is a community of sovereign states , the UN guides the states rather then regulate them (p.168) Sovereignty has to be reciprocal in order to be effective, it regulates territories and flows. p. 169
3 Antarctica is a dynamic territory and the dedinition of borders is difficult. Flows of ice, sea and living creatures make it a dynamic territory (p. 172-3)
3.1 It is a challenge to the concept of sovereign territory.
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