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1 Organelles
1.1 Organelles are the parts inside the cells.
1.1.1 These Include: Nucleus Mitochondria Ribosomes Cell Wall Cell Membrane Chloroplasts Vacuole Cytoplasm The MITOCHONDIA is where most of the energy is released durig respiration RIBOSOMES is where protein synthesis occurs (where protein is made.)
2 Diffusion
2.1 Diffusion is where the particle from a liquid or gas moves from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
2.1.1 Oxygen and Glucose diffuse into the cell Carbon Dioxide and Water diffuse out of the cell from the MITOCHONDRIA
3 Tissues, Organs and Organ Systems
3.1 A tissue is a group on similar cells that work together to carry out a particular function
3.1.1 Mucsle Tissue, Glandular Tissue
3.2 An organ is a group of different tissues that work together to carry out a particular function
3.2.1 Lungs, Heart
3.3 An organ system is a group of different organs that work together to carry out a particular function
3.3.1 Digestive System, Respiration System
4 Plants
4.1 Mesophyll tissue: where most of the photosynthesis occurs
4.2 Xylem and Phloem transport things lie water, mineral ions and sucrose around the plant
4.3 Epidermal tissue covers the whole plant
5 Digestive System
5.1 Stomach and Small Intestine digest food
5.2 Glands, e.g Pancreas and salivary produce digestive juices
5.3 Liver produces Bile
5.4 Small intestine absorbs soluble food mulecules
5.5 Large intestine absorbs water and undigested food, leaving faeces
5.6 The Digestive system EXCHANGES materials with he enviroment by taking in nutrients and releasing substances.
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