System Design

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System Design
  1. HCI
    1. The engineering process of designing interactive computer systems so that they are efficient, pleasing, easy to use and do what people want.
    2. Interfaces
      1. Command Line
        1. Allows the user to directly input commands which instruct what the computer is to do
          1. Used with more experienced users with a knowledge of commands as well as syntax
            1. They are fast, direct and use less memory than a GUI
            2. Menus
              1. User friendly as it's simple and doesn't involve remembering commands
                1. In a hierarchical system, further menus are presented until the desired action is identified and selected.
                2. Forms and Dialogue Boxes
                  1. A form is displayed when the user is required to enter data.
                    1. Examples are: detail about a customer being needed or trying to create an invoice
                    2. Natural Language
                      1. In other words "Plain English"
                        1. In their early stages of development, having limited syntax and vocabulary
                          1. Advantages
                            1. No special training as normal dialogue
                              1. Flexibility and Power
                                1. Users can construct their own questions and commands
                                2. Disadvantages
                                  1. Difficulty to keep to a strict vocabulary
                                    1. Precise and formal language is needed
                                      1. Mislead to think the computer is intelligent
                                    2. Graphical User
                                      1. The familiar WIMP (Windows, Icons, Mouse and Pull-Down menus) environment
                                        1. Advantages
                                          1. Speed of learning is increased rather than CLI
                                            1. Confidence from the user and simplicity of the layout
                                            2. Disadvantages
                                              1. Experienced users can take longer to navigate to somewhere they want
                                                1. They need a more powerful processor and a lot of memory
                                            3. Designing
                                              1. Validation
                                                1. After a new computer system has been designed, a check has to be made to ensure the new design is compatible with the original specifications of the system.
                                                2. Review
                                                  1. Does the design correspond with the specifications?
                                                    1. Does it meet the set objectives?
                                                      1. Have the appropriate techniques been met?
                                                        1. Is the User Interface appropriate?
                                                      2. Criteria
                                                        1. Robust
                                                          1. Should not crash nor fail
                                                          2. Flexible
                                                            1. It can be easily reconfigured
                                                            2. Reliable
                                                              1. Shouldn't fail due to design faults
                                                              2. Portable
                                                                1. It can be used on multiple hardware systems
                                                                2. Maintainable
                                                                  1. Modifications can be made if needed
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