Redemption and Context

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Redemption and Context
1 Disjointed sentence structure around this chapter, use of ellipses denote a disjointed emotional state at this point: "I had expected something different from Bunty's rite of passage–.." this connotes how difficult it is for Ruby as she still crave for a fairy-tale mother that even at her mother's deathbed she wishes for her to utter words or perform some action that shows they aren't related.
2 'Kate Atkinson's style of narration is erudite'
3 The title itself unravels a history of misdemeanour that Ruby endavour and how this chapter is link to her retrieval
4 Atkinson explore Ruby's identity further as she portrays the mother-daughter relationship that denotes how identity is formed maternally. "I've come back to dispose the remains of my mother.." this illustrates how much Ruby resent and wants to eliminate Bunty, inevitably her identity is linked to her roots which is her mother.
5 The quest of identity is mainly depicted in this chapter as many critics argues that Ruby not only realises that her identity is shaped from her mother but at the same time realises that her mother is a part of her. For example as Bunty is on her death bed Ruby suspects that she is changeling and foresee a confession from Bunty to state that she isn't her real mother, however the symbolic use of umbilical cord gives the reader a sense of acceptance of mother and herself.
6 context- Yorkshire has an established and self-nurtured reputation as a place of heroic complaint. Nothing is ever quite so bad as it is in Yorkshire. The weather is worse, life is harder, the coal mines are deeper and darker and the scenery harsher, you will be told, than in other, softer lands.
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