P2 topic 1 : Static electricity

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A mind map on some essential things to understand for additional physics on static electricity.

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P2 topic 1 : Static electricity
1 Friction
1.1 1. two insulating materials rub together
1.2 2. Electrons are scrapped off
1.3 3. 1 material positive charge, 1 negative charge
1.4 4. Electrons transferred
2 Attraction
2.1 Opposite charges attract
2.2 Same electric charges repel
3 Attraction to other objects
3.1 1. Rubbing a ballon on your hair electrons get transferred to ballon
3.2 2. Ballon stick to wall- negative charges of ballon repel negative charges on wall.
3.3 3. Charges on wall suface move
3.4 4. Positive wall suface attracts negative wall.
4 Shocks
4.1 1.In the car-clothes rub against synthetic car seats
4.2 2. Electrons get scrapped off.
4.3 3. When you touch the metal door, charge flows to conductor to your body
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