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1 A pronoun is a word that can function or be used in the place of a noun. They are usually used to break up repetition within a sentence
1.1 Personal
1.1.1 These are used in the place of persons or things I you she he they She is going to the park
1.2 Possessive
1.2.1 Shows ownership mine yours ours theirs That book is mine
1.3 Relative
1.3.1 Relates to a noun or personal pronoun who whom which that William, who is 5 years old, is in prep this year
1.4 Interrogative
1.4.1 Used to ask a question who what which What is the time?
1.5 Demonstrative
1.5.1 Stand for or refer to a noun that this those these Those are stolen goods
1.6 Reflexive and empahatic
1.6.1 Made by adding self (singular) selves (plural) to the personal pronoun herself himself themselves He hurt himself reflexive because it refers back to 'he' Its the President, himself Emphatic because it it used to emphasise the President
1.7 Indefinite
1.7.1 Do not refer to any particular antecendent or stand for any person, place or thing in particular one someone anything everyone none No-one is to blame for the accident
1.8 Distributive
1.8.1 Point to different things, therefore are always followed by a singular verb each either neither Each had its fur trimeed

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