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Pros and Cons of Globalization


Mindmap for Abitur English topic Globalization: Hopes/Chances/Opportunities vs. Dangers/Risks/Fears of Globalization for different spheres of the world
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Pros and Cons of Globalization
  1. Dangers/Risks/Fears of Globalization
    1. Hopes/Chances/Opportunities of Globalization
      1. Environment
        1. Higher CO2 emissions
          1. Pollution
            1. Global warming
            2. Developing countries
              1. Hope to get work and prosperity
                1. New jobs are available and access to world market
                  1. Reduction of poverty
                    1. Many people still suffer from malnutrition or die of diseases
                      1. Dependency on developed countries
                        1. Increasing independence on foreign support, credits and investment
                          1. Unfair/inhumane working conditions
                          2. Industrial world/Economy
                            1. Exports improve economy (international/free trade)
                              1. Wide range of products/food at any time
                                1. Growing prosperity for producers
                                  1. Countries can help each other
                                    1. financial crisis in one country can affect others as well negatively (global crisis)
                                      1. People in industrial countries lose jobs
                                      2. Culture
                                        1. Greater understanding and tolerance
                                          1. Spread of traditions and culture
                                            1. Clash of cultures
                                              1. Fear that individual cultures will blend into a single global culture (loss of cultural diversity)
                                                1. Regional and ethnic tensions (racism)
                                                2. For humankind in general
                                                  1. Fast/better communication and exchange
                                                    1. Technological progress
                                                      1. International cooperation to solve problems (global challenges)
                                                        1. Easier travelling, wider range of products
                                                          1. Diseases can easily spread all around the globe (pandemia)
                                                            1. Wider gap between rich and poor
                                                            2. Politics
                                                              1. Reduction of wars and conflicts worldwide
                                                                1. Peaceful, borderless world of shared universal values, ecological stability
                                                                  1. Spread of freedom, democracy and human rights
                                                                    1. Massive illegal immigration
                                                                      1. Danger of increasing corrupt governments
                                                                        1. Increasing of power of global players (loss of control)
                                                                          1. International affairs more important than national
                                                                            1. Clash between political systems
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