Evans Gallipoli

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Evans Gallipoli
1 Evan: Purple
1.1 14 years old when goes to war
1.2 Bluey & Curley: 2 Australian soldiers the befriended Evan
1.3 August 28th: Evan is unwell
1.4 September 2nd-ish: Evan is better
1.5 September 28th: Evan dresses as a girl to throw off the scent of Bulgars.
1.6 October 8th: Went the Australian embassy asking for evan and his father as was told that they wherepresumed dead
1.7 October 15th: Was given a job as an interpreter at the war hospital
1.8 November 18th: Given new passports
1.9 December 2nd: Evan is trying to kill the man who is threatening him
1.10 January 28th: We find out Evans father decided to raise Evan as a boy after his mother died so he could accumpnie him at work but Evan is actually Evangiline
2 People they meet whilst travelling: Red
2.1 June 23rd: Abdul- Turkish Boy sent to war as punishment to his father
2.2 July 2nd: Mehmet- Turkish man who stole and sold evans comforts
2.3 July 22nd: Met a travelling merchant named Isaiah
2.4 Bluey & CUrley: 2 Australian soldiers
2.5 August 5th: Ezekiel: Cart driver
2.6 August 7th: Said goodbye to Isaiah
2.7 August 27th: Kyrie Roberts
2.8 September 4th: Abdul is unwell
2.9 September 6th: Abdul is better but is claiming the gypsie doctor that helped him stole his soul.
2.10 October 15th: Sister Lucas, who had no idea about Evan and his Father. She thought they were dead.
2.11 November 8th: Curly came into war hospital waith a broken arm that is to be amputated.
2.12 November 12th: Being followed by mysterious man
2.13 December 1st: Bluey arrives at hospital
2.14 January 28th: Isiah was Major Western
2.15 January 28th: Man following them was SMARO
3 Evans Father: Green
3.1 22nd June: He is unwell
3.2 July 17th: Starting to get better
3.3 August 11th: Evan believes his father has gone mad.
3.4 August 27th: Abdul doesn't like Jews, Christians, Gypsies.
3.5 September 10th: Evan's father does not wish to leave the place they are staying even though it is very unsafe
3.6 September: The widow they where staying with had fallen in love with Evans father
3.7 September 25th: If they return to Lemnos Evans father will be shot for being a traitor.
3.8 November 17th: Evans father took comforts to incurables. One took a razor and killed himself
4 Religion/Culture: Orange
4.1 July 25th: Ramadan is being carried out
4.2 July 28th: A boy spotted them and shouted "Infidel! Infidel! Kill the Infidels
4.3 Abdul will not sleep under the same roof as a jew
4.4 August 12th: Where not killed becasue Evans father held out green covered bible (Koran)
4.5 November 7th: The nurses where allowed to refuse care to Germans.
5 War/Conflict: Pink
5.1 May 17th: Boarded a ship called 'The Rose'
5.2 WWI: Refered to as 'The Great War"
5.3 June 6th: Arrived on frontline
5.4 July 2nd: Evans father lead him into turkish lines
5.5 July 9th: Left Turkish camp after Abdul faked orders
5.6 July19th: Officials and soldiers came into village in search of Evan and his father
5.7 August 12th: Soldiers went through theit things hit them and yelled at them.
5.8 August 12th: On the front they think Abdul is dead
5.9 August 22nd: Gypsie camp they are staying at was raided by men in unfamiliar uniforms.
5.10 September 13th: Abdul and Evan were arrested by Bulgarian officers to be muslims
5.11 September 20th: Abdul has been kidnapped
5.11.1 September 21st: Taken by SMSRO, a revolutionary group (hate turks) September 21st: Evan told them that Abdul was French as it said on his fake papers
5.12 September 23rd: New Uniforms passed
6 Location/Destination: Yellow
6.1 June 5th: Greek Island of Lemnos
6.2 July 10th: Arrived at Abdul's village
6.3 Plan to leave Abdul's village July 20th
6.4 July 23rd: Travelling with Isaiah to the town of Kadikay
6.5 August 5th: Arrived in Kadikoy
6.6 August 6th: Headed for Erikli
6.7 August 6th: Following roads that lead toward the sea and Erikli.
6.8 August 14th: They have papers
6.9 August 16th: They are on the sea on a small boat
6.10 August 17th: The boat took them to another part of Turkey.
6.11 August 27th: Picked papers to match himself and his father
6.12 September 15th: Heading for Anthia
6.13 September 19th: Alexandropolis
6.14 October 2nd: Arrived in Tinos
6.15 October 5th: Leaving for piraeus
6.16 November 19th: Ship to Australia is set to leave next Thursday
6.17 December 12th: Ship is leaving for Australia
6.18 December 12th: Cape Town
6.19 December 23rd: Crossing Great Australian Bite
6.20 January 26th: Melbourne
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