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GCSE Food Tech Mind Map on Additives, created by Hannah Fowkes on 02/26/2015.

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1 Artificial additives
1.1 Do not occur naturally
1.2 Synthetic
1.3 Tartrazine
1.3.1 Used to make sweets yellow
2 Natural additives
2.1 Occur naturally in foods
2.2 Can be extracted and put into other foods
2.3 Caramelised sugar used in coca cola
3 Preservatives
3.1 Extend shelf life of product
3.2 Salt
3.2.1 Bacon and sausages
4 Colouring
4.1 Makes products look more appealing and appetising
5 Flavourings
5.1 Can be used to add or improve the flavour of a product
5.2 Vanilla extract
6 Emulsifiers
6.1 Prevent ingredients form separating
6.2 Lecithin
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