Digital Citizenship

Daniel Hassell
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Mind Map on Digital Citizenship, created by Daniel Hassell on 09/17/2013.

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Daniel Hassell
Created by Daniel Hassell about 6 years ago
Digital citizenship
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Digital Citizenship
1 Social Networking
1.1 Do's
1.1.1 Use Internet Safley
1.1.2 Think about weather to join things or not
1.1.3 Report Any bad Websites
1.2 Don'ts
1.2.1 Cyberbully Others
1.2.2 Meet People You DON'T know
1.2.3 Enter text here
1.2.4 Don't Share Private Information
1.3 Concerns
1.3.1 Tell a teacher in school
1.3.2 Tell and an adult if worried
1.4 What SNW are there?
1.4.1 Facebook
1.4.2 Twitter
1.4.3 Youtube
1.4.4 Instagram
1.4.5 Flicker
1.4.6 Google+
2 Cyberbulling
2.1 Don't reacted if you get bullyed
2.2 Tell a Friend
2.3 If You are tell a adult
2.4 Don't reply just ignore
2.5 Don't meet someone if you don't know them
3 Virus
3.1 Types Of Malware
3.1.1 Worm
3.1.2 Trojan horse
3.1.3 Spyware
3.1.4 Phishing
3.2 How do Viruses Spread
3.2.1 network
3.2.2 virus must be activated; meaning, the file that contains the virus must be opened
3.3 How To Prevent Them
3.3.1 Install antivirus
3.3.2 Perform daily scans
3.3.3 Don't click on email links or attachments
4 How To make a good password
4.1 A Mixture is Letters And Numbers
4.2 Don't Make It pesenal
4.3 eight characters or more
4.4 ◾Don't use the same password for everything