Harriet Tubman

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Created by 24Alandus about 6 years ago
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Harriet Tubman
1 Why is she important?
1.1 Harriet Tubman is important because she lead slaves in the underground railroad
2 Who was Hariet Tubman
2.1 Harriet Tubman was a slave that escaped from the south and became a leading abilitionists
3 How did Harriet Tubman become a hero?
3.1 Harriet Tubman led hundreds of slaves from the North to freedom and she also created the Underground Railroad.
4 Where did Harriet Tubman live and work
4.1 Harriet Tubman orriginally live din Maryland and escaped to Phlidelphia
5 When did Harriet Tubman live
5.1 Harriet Tubman was born in 1820 and died March 10, 1920
6 What did Harriet Tubman do
6.1 HArriet Tubman was a Civil Rights actavist and created the underground railroad

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