Christianity Moral Decision Making


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Christianity Moral Decision Making
  1. Situation Ethics
    1. The idea that Christians should base moral decisions on what is the most loving thing to do.
      1. Jesus healed on the day of the Sabbath
        1. In modern life, Situation ethics plays a big part in debate about freedom of speech, abortion, and euthanasia
          1. Summary: Christians who follow situation ethics believe that all they need when faced with a moral decision is work out what is the most loving thing to do.
            1. Weakness: there is no right or wrong decision, however different people have different ideas
              1. Strength: The decision is made in the best interests of a person
              2. Conscience
                1. An inner feeling of the rightness or wrongness of an action
                  1. Summary: Many Christians think conscience is the way God speaks to Christians today and so is the main guide for making moral decisions.
                    1. Christians believe God talks to them. Christians always follow the word of God. If they believe God is their conscience, they should choose to follow it.
                      1. The Church says Christians should always follow the word of God.
                        1. The teachings of the Bible and the Church do not come directly from God. Conscience is God speaking directly to individuals and should be followed.
                        2. Bible
                          1. The holy book of Christians.
                            1. The word of God is dicted by God in the bible.
                              1. The bible has Jesus' teachings on how to live, so it has the authority of God.
                                1. The bible contains things like the sermon of the Mount.
                                  1. It records events in the life of Jesus, so it teaches us what Jesus would do.
                                    1. The bible is authenticated by God so God would approve.
                                    2. Chuch
                                      1. The community of Christians.
                                        1. Church is the body of Christ.
                                          1. God speaks to the world through the Church.
                                            1. If Christians made their own decisions, there would be no set rules.
                                              1. The Church gives guidance.
                                                1. Authority of the Church comes from the Magesterium which will have modern ideas.
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