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Created by Coxy about 6 years ago
Notes about Useful Websites and Ideas to do with my Extended Project
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Can Architecture Save the World
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Extended Projects
1 Musical Theory
1.1 Notes
1.1.1 Why do notes sound good together?
1.2 Mood
1.2.1 How does music affect your mood? Why?
2 Engineering and Science
2.1 Science
2.1.1 Cloning Is it morally right to clone things? How would having a clone affect health and safety? Would this make you expendable?
2.1.2 Nuclear Science Is it right to continue to make our nuclear weapons more powerful? After Hiroshima is it right at all to have nuclear devices at all?
2.2 Technology
2.2.1 How does technology affect society? Do we depend on technology to live? How does technology affect war and conflicts?
2.2.2 Should we continue to improve technology?
2.3 Engineering
2.3.1 Advanced waepons Why do we need to continue to create more destructive weapons? Why did we use the atom bomb?
2.3.2 Helpful gadgets Should we create machines to do things for us? Eventually will we have enough machines so that we don't need to work at all?
2.4 Resources
2.4.1 What will happen when we use up all the resources on our planet?
2.4.2 To what extent do we need to re-use material? Should we buy everything second-hand?
2.4.3 Will we mine on other planets? Would we kill other life to do this?
3 Art and Modern Culture
3.1 What is art?
3.1.1 Is everything art? If everything is art then surely nothing is art?
3.2 To what extent does anti-social behavior effect society?
3.2.1 Should there be a clear division between the classes?
3.3 What is the purpose of life?
3.3.1 Do we exist to make positive contributions to the world?
3.4 Should everyone have to work and contribute to the economy?
3.4.1 Should we deport people who don't contribute to the economy? Should we stop immigration?
3.4.2 In order to eliminate crime should we bring back the death penalty?
3.4.3 Should we make cuts to benefits?