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1 Stucture
1.1 Greetings (1:1-2)
1.2 The supremacy of the son of God (1:15-22)
1.3 Spiritual fullness in Christ (2:6-15)
1.4 Thanksgivings and prayer (1:3-14)
1.4.1 follows ancient custom to give prayers of thanks to their god, and thank giving (DG, FFB)
1.5 Paul’s labour for the church (1:24-2:5)
1.6 Freedom from human rules (2:16-23)
1.7 Living as those made alive in Christ (3:1-17)
1.8 Instructions for Christian households (3:18-4:1)
1.9 Further instructions (4:2-6)
1.10 Final greetings (4:7-18)
1.11 parts of ch1 read like a hymn (FFB)
2 Background
2.1 Author: Paul
2.2 Written to Church in Colossae
2.2.1 Paul have never visited the church
2.2.2 then sent to the Laodiceans
2.2.3 City in the Roman Emperior
2.3 written 50-60AD (MMT)
2.4 written from prison
2.4.1 delivered by Epaphras first told them the gospel
2.4.2 in Rome
2.5 Colossians were Gentiles
2.5.1 pride in following Jewish law Paul reminded them all they need is Jesus
2.5.2 added extra laws & false teachings influenced by Gnostic Teachings (FFB) added Jewish law (FFB, RL, DG, MMT)
2.6 people were identified by where they come from and family background (MMT)
3 Big Ideas/Message
3.1 Chapter 1
3.1.1 Thanks for their faith
3.1.2 reminder of what Jesus did for them
3.1.3 hope in gospel & God (MMT, DG)
3.1.4 God would strengthen them (MMT)
3.1.5 God redeems not just our body, but our whole being (MMT)
3.1.6 everything will be reconciled to God (FFB)
3.1.7 all credit given to God (DG, FFB)
3.1.8 full of God (FFB)
3.1.9 peace with God (FFB)
3.2 Chapter 2
3.2.1 fullness in Christ
3.2.2 live for him
3.2.3 supremacy of God (FFB)
3.2.4 don't need to follow Jewish law (DG, MMT, RL)
3.2.5 knitted together in Christ (MMT)
3.2.6 firm in Christ (MMT)
3.2.7 Jesus Won (MMT)
3.2.8 don't live the world's way (RL, FFB)
3.2.9 new in Christ (FFB)
3.2.10 died with Christ (FFB)
3.3 Chapter 3
3.3.1 put to death earthly nature
3.3.2 live for God
3.3.3 risen with Christ (MMT)
3.3.4 remove old and put on new self (MMT, RL)
3.3.5 peace of God rule among them
3.3.6 World of Christ dwell in you
3.3.7 set your mind on things above (RL)
3.3.8 seek things above (RL)
3.3.9 set free from the World to live God's way (RL)
3.4 Chapter 4
3.4.1 greetings- different to other as it is at the end and not as personal (RL)
3.4.2 instructions and what is to come
3.4.3 life's are witness to God (RL)
3.4.4 Paul in passionate about his ministry and wants to partner wih them (RL)
3.4.5 spiritual wellbeing (IVP)
3.4.6 wise in how you act (IVP)
3.4.7 God's grace with them (IVP)
3.5 Jesus died for them, so in response they need to live his way, and by doing this they will find fullness
4 Contemporary Relevance
4.1 all sufficiency of God
4.2 we have live in God
4.3 don't listen to false teachings
4.4 certainty of & in God
4.5 have a grasp on who Christ is and what God has done (DG)
4.6 we can be thankful for Christ victory on the cross (DG)
4.7 we need to live different lives then those around us
4.8 all we need is Christ
4.9 instructions on how we should live- ethics
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