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1 Responsibility
1.1 '"We are all members of one body"'
1.2 '"If men will not learn that lesson they will be taught in fire and blood and anguish"'
2 Age
2.1 '"These girls aren't cheap labour- they're people"'
2.2 '"You don't seem to have learnt anything"'
2.3 'Now mother can't you see'
2.4 '"That's enough Sheila" (she still carries on)'
2.5 "'A few German officers talking nonsense and a few scaremongers here making a fuss about nothing"'
2.6 "'Oh-how horrible'"
2.7 "'I suppose we're all nice people now
3 Class
3.1 "'I'm not afraid of you Mr Birling'"
3.2 'her husband's social superior'
3.3 '"You admit to being prejudice against her case?'"
3.4 '"girls of that class'"
3.5 "'But these girls aren't cheap labour-they're people"'
3.6 "'millions and millions of John and Eva Smiths"'
3.7 "'because you're not the kind of father a chap could go to when he is in trouble
4 Gender
4.1 '"These girls aren't cheap labour- they're people"'
4.2 '"Yes you did and if you had loved me you wouldn't have said that"'
4.3 '"I think you should go to bed'"
4.4 "'I didn't feel about her as she feels about me"'

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