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OCR 21st century physics Core science modules one, two and three.

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1 Electrical Energy
1.1 Power is the rate of energy transfer
1.2 Energy transferred=power x time
1.3 Power=Voltage x Current
1.4 Efficiency=energy usefully transferred/total energy supplied
2 Sankey Diagrams
2.1 Energyy is always conserved even if it's wasted
2.2 Thickness of arrow represents amount
3 Saving Energy
3.1 Home
3.1.1 Hot water tank jacket Double glazing Energy saving bulbs draught proofing loft insulation Turn unused appliances off
3.2 Public transport/car share/cycling/walking
3.2.1 Recycling
4 Energy Sources and Power Stations
4.1 non renewable fuels
4.1.1 Fossil fuels; coal, oil, natural gas
4.1.2 Nuclear fuels (uranium, plutonium)
4.2 Renewable fuels
4.2.1 wind waves Tides Hydroelectric Solar Biofuels Geothermal
5 Nuclear Energy
5.1 Release energy by splitting atoms
5.2 Heat evaporates water, steam drives turbine, generator converts kinetic energy into electricity
6 Biofuels, Geothermal and Hydroelectricity
6.1 Biofuels are made from plant waste
6.2 Geothermal energy is heat from underground
6.3 Hydroelectricity uses dams to catch the rain
6.3.1 Requires flooding a valley
7 Generators and the National Grid
7.1 Moving a magnet in a wire coil induces a voltage
7.1.1 As you move the magnet through the coil the magnetic field in the coil changes and and induces a voltage and a current if the circuit is complete
7.2 Energy is distributed via the national grid
7.2.1 Distributed at a high voltage High current loses too much heat
8 Comparison of energy resources
8.1 Coal
8.1.1 36% effiicient
8.1.2 8000 million units produced/year
8.1.3 920g CO2 per Unit
8.1.4 Site life- 50 years
8.1.5 Cost of energy-2.4-4.5p
8.2 Gas
8.2.1 50% efficient
8.2.2 5000 million units produced/year
8.2.3 440g-CO2 per unit
8.2.4 Site life- 30 years
8.2.5 Cost of energy- 2-3p
8.3 Nuclear
8.3.1 38% efficient
8.3.2 7000 million units produced per year
8.3.3 110g- CO2 per unit
8.3.4 Site life 25 years
8.3.5 Cost per unit- 4-7p
8.4 Wind
8.4.1 35% efficient
8.4.2 150 million units produced/year
8.4.3 0g -CO2 per unit
8.4.4 Site life 25 years
8.4.5 Cost per unit- 3-4p
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