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1 abnormality in the number, size or consistency of lymph nodes.
2 Causes
2.1 Infection (viral, bacterial, fungl, parasitic)
2.1.1 Viral HIV URTI Infectious Mononucleosis Rubella, varicella, measles Hep, A/B Dengue fever Adenovirus Human Herpes virus - 6
2.1.2 Bacterial Septicaemia Typhoid fever TB Syphilis Lyme disease
2.1.3 Protozoal toxoplasmosis Chagas disease Sleeping sickness (African trypanosomiasis)
2.1.4 Fungal Coccidioidomycosis
2.2 Neoplastic
2.2.1 Acute leukaemia
2.2.2 Lymphoma Hodkins/non-hodgkins
2.2.3 Neuroblastoma
2.2.4 Hystocytoses
2.3 Inflammatory/ Autoimmune
2.4 Heamatological
3 History:
3.1 Infection
3.1.1 Fever
3.1.2 Prior infection (cough, sputem, SOB, pain, redness, discharge, bowels, CNS, headaches, neck stiffness, hotophobia, seazures etc.)
4 Examination
4.1 Infection
4.1.1 Temperature
4.1.2 Haemodynamics (BP, HR, RR, Urine Output)
4.1.3 Conciousness (AVPU, GCS)
4.1.4 Focused examine for site of origin (chest, abdo etc.) Hepatomegly/splenomegaly for malignancy/infection
4.1.5 Size/No. / site of lymphnodes Supraclavicular nodes = malignancy Erythema, warmth, fluctuance = lympadenitis Firm, non tender, matted together = malignancy
5 Investigations
5.1 FBC (incl. blood film, and ESR, plasma viscosity, CRP)
5.2 LFT's
5.3 Swabs
5.4 Depending on Hx
5.4.1 Viral titre Epstein-Barr virus HIV Hepatitis
5.4.2 Blood cultures
5.4.3 Antibodies screen (SLE ant-DSdna ANA, RA ACCP)
5.4.4 CXR (sarcoidosis, TB, Malignancy)
5.4.5 CT, MRI
5.4.6 Fine needle Aspiration
6 Differential Diagnosis
6.1 Subcutaneous lesion (Lipoma, Abscess)
6.2 Hernia
6.3 Skin Lesion (Sabaceous cyst)
6.4 Neck (thyroid tumour, brachial cleft cyst, Cystic hygromas, Salivary Glands, Thyroglossal duct cysts(often midline))
7 Management
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