Topic 12- Web Presentation Software

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Topic 12- Web Presentation Software
1 Multi-media Presentations: A multimedia presentation usually involves a sequence of slides projected onto a screen. Changing the slides may be:
1.1  Controlled by the person who is explaining the topic
1.2  Automatically moved on by a timer
2 Web Pages: A webpage can contain many of the same features as a slide presentation. The main differences are that
2.1  Each slide of a web site is a web page
2.2  Instead of being displayed on a slide show they are accessed using the internet
3 Animation: They way each object appears on the slide can be selected from a number of animation effects
3.1  Fly in from top (or bottom or side)
3.2  Appear randomly
3.3  Appear on a timer or on a click of a mouse
4 Slide transitions: The way on slide changes in to another is called the slide transition. This can be programmed and there are many different options to choose from, such as
4.1 Fade smoothly
4.2 Fade through black
4.3 Dissolve
4.4 Wipe Down
4.5 Wedge
5 Action buttons Action buttons can be placed on a slide to perform a task such as
5.1 Moving to the next slide
5.2 Moving to the home slide
5.3 Opening a document
5.4  Running a movie clip
5.5  Linking to a website or send via a hyperlink
6 Hyperlinks: A section of text or a graphic may be set up as a hyperlink to another slide. When the mouse button is clicked with the pointer on the hyperlink, the next slide is displayed.
7 Navigation bar: A navigation bar should be placed on every page of a website so that you can quickly return to the home page or move quickly between different sections.
8 Considering the audience: The design of a presentation or web page must take into account the purpose and needs of the audience. An example of a primary school where a presentation was to be used. You would need to take in to consideration.
8.1  Simple Graphics
8.2  Straightforward language
8.3  Sounds to enliven the slides
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