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Física & Química INGLÉS Mind Map on CONDITIONAL, created by Lucía Meneses on 03/14/2015.

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1 Always
1.1 IF: Present simple
1.2 MAIN: Present simple
1.3 EX: If you hit ice, it always mets down.
2 Impossible
2.1 IF: Past perfect + had + past perfect
2.2 MAIN: Would + Have + Past Participle
2.3 EX: f I had gone to the party yesterday, I would have seen John
3 Likely
3.1 IF: Present Simple
3.2 MAIN: Can / Will + Infinitive
3.3 EX: If BarÇa wins the league I will cry
4 Difficult
4.1 IF: Past simple
4.2 MAIN: Would / Could + Infinitive
4.3 Ex: If I were you, I would speak more Spanish
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