Clinical Case Mindmap

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Clinical Case Mindmap
1 Asylum
1.1 What is asylum?
1.1.1 What rights do they have? What help do they receive?
1.1.2 How many people seek asylum in the UK? From where? Common places for asylum seekers to live
1.2 The process involved in seeking asylum
1.2.1 How do they receive medical treatment?
1.2.2 Waiting for verification Feel isolated Impact on mental health?
1.3 Why do people seek asylum?
1.3.1 Push and pull factors
1.4 Problems/barriers ...
1.4.1 ...For asylum seekers Stigma Position in society Socioeconomic implications Affect on healthcare behaviour?
1.4.2 ...For society as a whole
2 Tuberculosis (TB)
2.1 Making a diagnosis
2.1.1 Tests involved
2.2 Management
2.2.1 TB vaccination programme Success of the vaccine UK/EU Worldwide
2.2.2 Treatment How? Antibiotics Are they over-prescribed? Effectiveness Consequences of not finishing a course Cost to the NHS?
2.3 Mechanism of the disease
2.3.1 Symptoms
2.3.2 Causes
2.3.3 Complications/Consequences
2.4 Incidence and prevalence of TB
2.4.1 Where is it most common? Why?
2.4.2 Who is most at risk?
3 Interpreters
3.1 Who provides them?
3.1.1 NHS Private agency? Cost Availability in the NHS
3.1.2 Family members Quality of the consultation Accuracy of the interpretation Domestic abuse Child abuse Confidentiality
3.2 Clinical Communication issues
3.2.1 Family members
4 Infection
4.1 Management in the UK
4.1.1 Who do you report to?
4.1.2 Infection control
4.2 Incidence of infectious diseases
4.2.1 Increase? Tropical diseases? Asylum
4.2.2 Swine flu
4.2.3 Ebola
4.3 Infection control
4.3.1 Government schemes/programmes
4.3.2 Hospital policies How successful are these in managing infection? Government schemes/programmes
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