The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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A concise mindmap of Stevenson's novel; The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the major points existing in it.

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1 Settings
1.1 Weather
1.1.1 Dark, gloomy, harsh, windy
1.1.2 Weather reflects the atmosphere, turbelent
1.2 London
1.2.1 Seemed Isolated despite the fact that it was the biggest area at the time
2 Themes
2.1 Duality
2.1.1 Good & Evil
2.1.2 Public & Private
2.1.3 Pleasure & Pain
2.1.4 Addiction & Control
2.1.5 Freedom & Constraint
2.2 Secrecy
2.3 Truth/Lies
2.4 Reputation
2.4.1 By avoiding gossip and maintaining a good outer front
2.4.2 Blantatly ignoring whats wrong to preserve peace
3 Info
3.1 Written by Robert Stevenson
3.1.1 Born in Edinburgh, 1850. Died in Samoa, 3 Dec 1894 due to tuberculosis
3.1.2 Son of a CIvil Engineer, allowed to study law (Often fought with his dad)
3.2 Published Januaruy 1886, meant to be published Christmas 1885 but withdrawn
3.2.1 Written in 1885, Bournemouth, England
3.3 Style
3.3.1 Gothic Horror
3.3.2 Mystery
3.4 Tone
3.4.1 Tone Mysterious and serious
3.5 Past Tense
3.6 Major Conflict
3.6.1 "Jekyll attempts to keep his dark half, Edward Hyde, under control and then to prevent himself from becoming Hyde permanently."
4 Symbols
4.1 Door
4.2 Potion
4.3 House
4.3.1 Labratory
4.4 Hyde's Appearance
4.5 Letters
4.6 Mirror
5 Motifs
5.1 Violence against Innocents
5.1.1 Sir Carrew
5.1.2 The girl who was trampled
5.1.3 The match girl who was hit
5.2 Silence
5.2.1 The refusal to admit that anything is wrong
5.3 Urban Terror
5.3.1 Monsters in the city where people live
6 Language
6.1 Old English style
6.2 Foreshadowing
6.2.1 Mr.Utterson's nightmare
6.3 Third person narrative
6.3.1 Except for the last chapters which were letters written in Lanyon's and Jekyll's viewpoint
7 Characters
7.1 Utterson
7.1.1 Plain, dry, good friend. Traditional
7.1.2 Lawyer who reads the letters and discovers the truth behind Jekyll/Hyde
7.2 Jekyll
7.2.1 Highly admired and liked, professional and well off. Born into wealth, but had to hide his flaws. A sense of honor
7.3 Hyde
7.3.1 Detested and hated by all who meet him. Short small and violent with no moral constraints
7.3.2 Starts to take over the body, but commits suicide to prevent being confronted/killed in the gallows. Drinks a arsenic
7.4 Lanyon
7.4.1 Friendly but doesn't believe in the supernatural
7.4.2 Dies after witnessing Jekyll's transformation, which goes against everything he stood for
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