worship and celebration 10.3

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worship and celebration 10.3
1 sacrament of baptism
1.1 meaning
1.1.1 In baptism the old life is washed away and a new one is entered
1.1.2 A person becomes part of the christian church
1.1.3 first of the sacraments marking the beginning of the sacramental life
1.1.4 the original sin which the child is born with is washed away
1.2 importance
1.2.1 The catechism teaches that baptism is the basis of christian life and without it a person cannot receive the other sacraments
1.2.2 Through baptism a person becomes a full member of the church
1.2.3 Baptism washes away original sin so the baptised can achieve salvation
1.2.4 the catechism says that baptism is necessary for salvation and without salvation one cannot enter into heaven
2 The sacrament of confirmation
2.1 meaning
2.1.1 the final sacrament of initiation making one a full member of the church
2.1.2 gives grace which is needed to receive salvation
2.1.3 makes a public declaration of ones faith
2.2 importance
2.2.1 makes the person a full member of the church
2.2.2 allows one to take on lay ministries
2.2.3 ones own choice to declare his or her belief
2.2.4 part of confirmation is the gift of the holy spirit which gives strength to develop faith and live the christian life
3 sacrament of reconciliation
3.1 meaning
3.1.1 allows someone to recognise that they have separated themselves from god
3.1.2 gives grace to avoid sins
3.1.3 advice is given about how to follow the path to salvation
3.1.4 to receive the sacrament at least once a year is one of the Precepts of the Church
3.2 importance
3.2.1 gives opportunity to strengthen relationship with god
3.2.2 makes it easier for the receiver to live the christian life
3.2.3 gives chance to receive salvation and enter heaven
4 sacrament of anointing the sick
4.1 meaning
4.1.1 strengthens those in danger of death
4.1.2 helps a person deal with their illness
4.1.3 can be used to prepare very ill people for death
4.1.4 reminder that the church can heal the sick like jesus
4.2 importance
4.2.1 gives grace and spiritual strength to the person
4.2.2 makes all christians holy
4.2.3 shows love of the parish for the sick person
4.2.4 allows a persons sins to be forgiven so they can enter into heaven
5 Mass
5.1 nature
5.1.1 re-enactment of the last supper and a celebration of the resurrection of jesus
5.1.2 1) penitential rite makes catholics aware that they are sinners and need the forgiveness of god regularly
5.1.3 2) Liturgy of the word bible readings and homily explaining the readings
5.1.4 3) Rite of communion re-enacts last supper and changes the bread and wine by transubstantiation into the body and blood of christ
5.1.5 4) Liturgy of the Eucharis
5.2 importance
5.2.1 bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of christ so jesus is present in the mass
5.2.2 celebration of the resurrection, reminding all catholics that there is eternal life
5.2.3 receiving the body and blood of christ brings catholics closer to god
5.2.4 attending mass was commanded by jesus and the catechism says it is a sin to knowingly miss mass
6 christmas
6.1 meaning
6.1.1 celebration of the incarnation (belief that god took human form in jesus)
6.1.2 catholics believe that god showed his love for humans by sending his son to show humans how to live
6.1.3 christmas is a time for hope and peace for catholics to pray for the coming of the kingdom of god
6.2 importance
6.2.1 without the birth of christ christianity wouldn't exist
6.2.2 through the incarnation god began the salvation of the world, giving christians the opportunity to go to heaven
6.2.3 it is time for families to celebrate, remembering that jesus was born into a family
7 lent
7.1 meaning
7.1.1 reflects the 40 day and night jesus spent in the desert.
7.1.2 40 days preparation for easter
7.1.3 catholics give something up to show their devotion to god
7.1.4 catholics try to pray more and strengthen their faith by doing acts of mercy
7.2 importance
7.2.1 catholics concentrate on improving their christian lives
7.2.2 gives them chance to think about teachings of jesus
7.2.3 time when catholics try to increase their faith through prayer, study, fasting, giving to charity
8 holy week
8.1 meaning
8.1.1 catholics remember the final week of the life of jesus
8.1.2 time of reflection and prayer on the sufferings and death of jesus which saved catholics from sin and allowed entry to heaven
8.2 importance
8.2.1 reminds catholics that they need to serve each other
8.2.2 inspires catholics to think about their role in the world
8.2.3 reminds catholics of the suffering jesus experienced, helping them to face their suffering
8.2.4 gives them a chance to make up for their sins
9 easter
9.1 meaning
9.1.1 celebrates the resurrection of jesus.
9.1.2 resurrection is the final part of salvation
9.1.3 assures christians that they will have eternal life
9.2 importance
9.2.1 celebrates resurrection of jesus - proves jesus is god as only god would be capable of rising from the dead
9.2.2 proves that there is life after death
9.2.3 celebrates jesus' victory over death and evil
9.2.4 proves jesus is still alive and working in his church
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