Beliefs and Values - 10.1

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Beliefs and Values - 10.1
1 Believing god as unity and trinity
1.1 meaning
1.1.1 christians believe there is only one god (god's unity) who is in the world in three persons (the holy trinity)
1.1.2 believing in one god is called monotheism
1.1.3 The father created everything
1.1.4 the son showed what god is like and saved people from sin
1.1.5 the holy spirit who brings the presence of god into people's lives
1.2 importance of the unity
1.2.1 The belief that god is one is the first of the 10 commandments
1.2.2 jesus said that worshipping one god is the greatest commandment
1.2.3 belief is one god is the teaching of the catholic church in the creeds and catechism
1.2.4 christians believe that god is omnipotent, meaning he must be a unity
1.3 importance of the trinity
1.3.1 the trinity helps christians to understand the different ways that god has shown his presence in the world
1.3.2 during baptism of jesus the father speaks, the son is baptised and the spirit descends in the form of a dove
1.3.3 belief in the trinity is part of the apostolic tradition
1.3.4 teaching of the catholic church through the creeds and catechism
2 Belief of god as the father
2.1 meaning
2.1.1 means that christians should have a father-child relationship with god
2.1.2 shows that god has a relationship of love and care with his creation
2.1.3 in the 'our father' christian learn that god provides daily protection from evil because he is 'our father'
2.1.4 enables christians to turn to him when they are in need
2.2 importance
2.2.1 Jesus called god his father and told his disciples to call god, father.
2.2.2 the creeds and catechism teach catholics to call god their father
2.2.3 if god had not been our father, he wouldn't have sent jesus to explain how christians should live and to save people from their sins
2.2.4 believing in god as father allows christians to have a personal relationship with god
3 belief in god as the creator
3.1 meaning
3.1.1 god created the universe and all things in it, so life has a meaning and purpose given to it by god
3.1.2 god created the universe out of nothing so he is all-powerful and the cause of all life
3.1.3 as god created the universe, the universe must be good
3.1.4 god created human beings in his image so humans are special
3.2 importance
3.2.1 it shows gods omnipotence
3.2.2 shows that the universe wasn't an accident. it was created by god who is good, for a good purpose
3.2.3 shows that life is sacred because god created it and what god creates must be holy
3.2.4 it shows gods love for humans
4 Belief that jesus is the son of god
4.1 meaning
4.1.1 Jesus is god incarnated. this means jesus is god on earth living as a human being so in jesus humans can see the nature of god
4.1.2 as son of god, the christians believe that jesus was both fully human and divine
4.1.3 as gods son jesus had gods powers on earth which explains why he was able to work miracles
4.2 importance
4.2.1 only the son of god could bring salvation from sin and give people the chance to enter heaven
4.2.2 gives christians the chance to see the love shown by gods son, leading them to share gods love with their neighbours
4.2.3 believing that jesus is the son of god is a teaching in the creeds and catechism
4.2.4 only gods son could institute the mass which brings christ into lives today
5 Belief in the holy spirit
5.1 meaning
5.1.1 the holy spirit is the means by which god communicates with humans, bringing gods presence into the world
5.1.2 the holy spirit inspired the bible so that its writings reveal the nature and will of god
5.1.3 the holy spirit is how god helps the church to keep the apostolic tradition
5.1.4 the holy spirit brings gods love and strength to christians
5.2 importance
5.2.1 it is the third person of the trinity and is gods presence in the world
5.2.2 through baptism and reconciliation it removes peoples sin
5.2.3 inspires the teachings of the church
5.2.4 its gifts enable christians to live lives full of love, joy and peace.
6 beliefs about salvation from sin
6.1 meaning
6.1.1 sin separates a person from god
6.1.2 salvation means being saved from sin
6.1.3 death of jesus was the sacrifice needed to bring salvation from sin
6.1.4 catholics believe that salvation comes through the church and is brought about by receiving the sacraments and leading a christian life
6.2 importance
6.2.1 without salvation a persons sins will send them to hell
6.2.2 only way christians can have eternal life with god
6.2.3 its the reason god took human form in jesus
6.2.4 reason why sacraments of baptism, reconciliation, confirmation, healing and mass are so important
7 loving god
7.1 meaning
7.1.1 catholics show love for god by going to mass and praying daily
7.1.2 they show their love for god by taking the other sacraments of the church
7.1.3 they show love for god by following the christian life as shown in the teachings of the church
7.2 importance
7.2.1 jesus said that loving god is the greatest commandment
7.2.2 its a way for christians to thank god for his love
7.2.3 the church teaches in the catechism that all believers should love god
7.3 how it affects christian lives
7.3.1 following a vocation will change someones life
7.3.2 the christians will want to care for gods creation so will be kind to others
7.4 how it is expressed in a religious community
7.4.1 the carmelite nuns are a mainly contemplative religious community who spend their lives in prayer and study.
7.4.2 the carmelite nuns show their love for god in many ways: the nuns take evangelical counsels (vows of poverty, chastity and obedience) they meditate night and day on the word of the lord they celebrate the eucharist daily they do manual work
7.5 love is shown for god in the local area (parish) by:
7.5.1 providing worship so people can show their love for god in mass
7.5.2 keeping the blest sacrament in the tabernacle so people can show their love for god by adoring th body of christ
7.5.3 offering the sacraments so people can show their love for god
7.5.4 giving regular bible readings and homilies explaining them
8 love of others
8.1 how it is expressed in a religious community
8.1.1 the missionaries of charity were founded by mother teresa in 1950. they express their love for others in many ways: they take evangelical counsels and vow to serve the poorest of the poor the nuns and monks love others by in the centres run by the order some centres are for the abandoned and dying of all castes and religions to help them die with dignity surrounded by they run orphanages, AIDS hospices and care for lepers, refugees and victims of floods,epidemics and famine in order to share gods love with others
8.2 how it is shown in the local area (parish)
8.2.1 they ensure catholics grow up surrounded by catholics.
8.2.2 supporting local catholic schools
8.2.3 providing social facilities e.g. youth groups
8.2.4 providing help for the needy
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