Chemistry In Context II Mental Map

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Chemistry In Context II Mental Map
1 Any chemical you take that affects the way your body works.
2 Pharmacology
2.1 Legal Prescription Drug
2.1.1 Passed trough a lot of scientific investigation.
2.1.2 Types Opioids Depressants Stimulants
2.1.3 Medications Original Developed by pharmaceutical companies Generic Bioequivalence Same effect as the original Similar Only have pharmacopoeia information Not the same effect as the original
2.2 Illegal Drug
2.2.1 Do not go trough any kind of research
2.2.2 Medications % falsified/adulterated per year Mexico: 20-50% USA: Less than 1% EU: Less than 1% China: 11-20% Economical Repercussions Decreased revenues of pharmaceutical companies Health Effects Death Hepatic Insuffiency Intoxication Most affected Countries Weaker regulatory systems and enforcement of the law on medical products. Africa Asia Latin America People Internet Illegal Sites Doesn’t show their physical location.
3 Functional Groups
3.1 To know how does the human being´s body is going to react with the substance developed
4 Alkaloids
4.1 Basic Unit:Amino Acids
4.2 Founded in plants
4.2.1 3,000 different types
4.3 Examples
4.3.1 Morphine
4.3.2 Nicotine
4.3.3 Strychnine
5 Drug Development
5.1 1- Discovery
5.2 2- Product Characterization
5.3 3- Formulation, Delivery, Packaging Development
5.4 4- Pharmacokinetics And Drug Disposition
5.5 5- Preclinical Toxicology Testing And IND Application
5.6 6- Bioanalytical Testing
5.7 7- Clinical Trials
6 Economy
6.1 Develop a single drug
6.1.1 $802 million dollars
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