problem solving mind map

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Assessing student understanding and application of problem solving can 1. connect to all subjects 2. honour the cognitive development of all students 3. apply differentiated assessment strategies and apply universal design principles

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problem solving mind map
1 develops skills that are transferable to all subjects
1.1 teaches thought processes, how to think
1.1.1 prepares students for real world experiences develops communication and reasoning skills promotes cooperative learning and teaches students how to work in groups
1.1.2 gives students opportunity to talk about their thinking and to listen to and validate the ideas of others
2 validates student thinking
2.1 gives the opportunity to show thinking in different ways
2.1.1 gives multiple entry points so that a wide variety of learners can participate gives a variety of ways to demonstrate learning honours the cognitive development of all students
3 gives multiple opportunities to collect evidence of learning, including from student products, observations and conversations
3.1 students can use success criteria and learning goals to assess themselves and their peers
3.1.1 gives opportunity for teachers to assess using differentiated strategies to meet the learning needs of all students choice is built into the tasks encouraging student engagement growth mindset is encouraged, embracing challenge and learning from mistakes
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